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Buckner vs. Mets: 25 Years Ago Tonight

Kill yourselves.

Damn.  I grew up at Boston.  I will not post that overplayed Game 6 highlight.  That’s PLAYED.

That AWESOME recent ESPN documentary about some of that stuff -“Catching Hell”- is on Youtube!  Have you seen it yet?

It’s SO GOOD.  Check it out right here -

ESPN 30 for 30 - Catching Hell (Buckner/Bartman) - Part 1/10

It’s free in 10 parts!

For the record, I love Buckner and I think he should probably be in The Hall Of Fame, right?  Check the stats.

Also, I’m certain all the Hall Of Fame voters read this blog so they’ll probably see this post.


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This Day In History: Blue Jays Win

I’d been looking for this highlight for a while.  It kinda gives me chills.

Winning the World Series on a walk off homer simply has to be the greatest thrill in all of sports, right?  For a player, and the fans.  So dominant.

Joe Carter: pimp of a nation.




Brooklyn Net Scrub Not Stressin’!

I’ll tell you one guy who does not give a flying F when the NBA Lockout ends.

Kris Kardashian-Humphries!

This dude does not give an F, boy!  He just married Kim Kardashian: he’s balls deep!

She is so hot.  Look at his shit eating grin.  I would kick that guy’s ass…at Madden.

Is it weird that Kim Kardashian’s Mom is named Kris Kardashian, and now, so is her husband?

Below is Kris’s greatest highlight: getting his face dunked on by some dude.  Listen close: it sounds like the announcer screams “he absolutely f*cked it!”  Isn’t that strange?

If I were a sports announcer, I would make that my catch phrase.

"Do you believe in miracles?!  He absolutely f*cked it!"

-Greg Johnson



Editor’s Note - 2010 Below

Below, all the 5 posts that follow, come from 2010.




The video above has more gun shots than Full Metal Jacket. It also features a head tattoo and 100 New Orleans Saints Football Fans destroying an innocent man’s television because of a bet he made on Facebook (“FB” as he calls it?).

Dear NFL:  The New Orleans saints are nasty. Hand them the Super Bowl as long as you’re not gonna give it to Tom Brady and The Pats this year.

You should though.

Greatest of all time.


Pope to Brady: “It is a Godly honor to be graced with your presence.”

Brady to Pope: “I bless thee.”

Greg Johnson



This is one of my favorite videos of all time.  It’s from ESPN in 1999 and it showcases the greatest sports moments of the century.

"Aerosmith never sounded so good."  Linda Cohn said that.  I like to quote her as often as I can.




Schooled by John Madden Football

My little brother went to a school with a top ACC Football team and he told me about one of the Safeties on the team who injured himself during practice in 2007.  Afterwards, this player had to be evaluated by the team doctors to judge the severity of his injury.

Well, it turns out, this player had to be sidelined with the injury for 4-6 weeks.  However, the player was never informed of this, and didn’t find out he would be sitting out until he read it on his Madden X-Box ticker when it came across in the live news!


This means he was sitting around playing Madden when he found out his diagnosis ON THE SCREEN.  Boned!  This means team doctors told the press (and his X-Box) about his situation before they told HIM.  I love it!

This scenario reminds me a lot of the classic clip of NBA player Greg Oden describing how he didn’t find out he was going to have to sit out his entire rookie season due to injury…until he saw it on Sportscenter!  What a goofball!

Here’s some parts of that conference.  At the end, Oden addresses the rumors that he hurt his knee playing Dance Dance Revolution.  What a fucking genius.




2009-2010 NFL Preview

Running back Adrian Peterson is so dominant. He’s going to KILL people on the Football field this year. You think Michael Vick caused controversy? Adrian Peterson is going to be MURDERING people this year.

He is jacked out of his f-ing mind.

Oh no! Porno! Now you’re fired from work…IN THIS ECONOMY!

He is so scary! If he walked into a room, I would probably run away.

However, the Vikings would have been much better off with Michael Vick at Quarterback rather than signing Brett Favre like they did today. No brainer. Favre blows. What were they thinking? Vick is nasty.

Mort said Brett Favre has to be 100% for the Vikings to go all the way. The last time Brett Favre was 100%, it was 1996.

End it.

Greg Johnson



ESPN: Twitter, Happier

ESPN stinks.  They now cite twitter tweets as the basis of their important news stories.  It makes me crazy.

Terell Owens sat out practice today. And ESPN is reporting it’s because of the sore toe he twittered about.

Owens complained about an aching toe in a comment posted on his site shortly after the Bills lost to Tennessee, 21-18, in the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio, on Sunday.

What a bunch of geniuses over at ESPN. They’ll make a priority piece about T.O. twittering a sore toe. Thanks, guys! But you can stick to the scores, if you don’t mind!  Please!

Wait. Hold on.  What’s that? You have an update on a text between Michael Vick and his “advisor” Tony Dungy? Nevermind! TELL ME ALL ABOUT THAT SHIT!

What a genius.

And check out his “advisor”! Mr. Dungy!

What a weird looking dude!

Is there a weirder looking dude than Tony Dungy?

And do you think it matters at all to Roger Goodell that this “advisor” of his is a noted bigot and homophobe?

Dungy Does Not Deserve a Pass On His Anti-Gay Actions

Dungy and Homosexuality: Bigotry is Bigotry

Vick should be advising him…ON HOW TO BE A MANCHILD!

Greg Johnson



Air McNair

NFL legend QB Steve “Air” McNair died too young last month.  His longtime team will honor him this season.

Helmet Decal to Honor McNair

Helmet Decal might be a good name for a German rocker.

McNair -you were the nastiest beast to ever play in the NFL.  You were such a dominant manchild.  We will always remember you.  Your spirit lives on all over the world and inside your two D1 prospect sons.

Big ups to Steve McNair!

Big ups!

That’s what’s up.

You the man, Steve.

Big ups!


Fuck yeah.

We will never forget you, dude!  You are the manchild!

Probably coulda gone pro in baseball.  Genius.


Thank you, Steve.

That’s all for now.

What’s your opinion on Steve McNair’s nasty dominance?